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Group of Companies “AST” is a one of the leading agroindustrial conglomerates in Russian Federation, a diversified group, which applies itself in grain production, storage and wholesale trade of grain and its derivative products.

Mission of the Group of Companies “AST” : assuring food security for the people.  We produce ecologically pure grain, which is a GMO-free organic product. We store and process the grain and deliver it and its derivatives to any point of the world. We contribute to health preservation and health improvement of the consumers of our products and to business development and prosperity of our business partners.

Vision of the Group of Companies “AST” :  become a leading exporter of grain and its derivative products in Russia. Our vision for future is mastering an applying in practice a deep processing of grain technology, which would allow us to become one of the first producers of such kind in Russia.

The main competitive strategies used by the Group of Companies:

Low cost strategy, which means that due to application of new technologies in production, storage and process of grain and logistics optimization the Companies’ subdivisions achieve reduce of energy costs and other operating expenses, as well as increase of crop capacity and products outcome, which as a whole affects the reduction of the prime cost of the product unit.

Strategy of vertical integration: the main idea of the strategy can be pictured as “from earth to consumer”, i.e. the main chain is represented by following links: grain production (agriculture) – initial revision and storage (at silos) – processing – wholesale trade.

Since the time of its foundation the Group of Companies “AST” has proved oneself as a steady, effective and socially conscious business partner. From the very beginning we are committed to principles of decency, accuracy and honesty. Competitiveness of the enterprises, which are constituting part of the agroindustrial Group, is assured by a high-quality service, flexible price policy, modern hi-technology equipment, strict abidance to one’s obligations.

With a view to further successful development of our activities and expanding at the agricultural products market, we are interested and ready to cooperate with you in production, processing and marketing of agricultural products.

We do not work with companies from Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan because they enter the list of sanctioned countries.